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Movie Trailers Essay Example

Movie Trailers Essay Example Movie Trailers Essay Movie Trailers Essay We studied a number of film trailers and came to the following conclusions about their conventions. Each one of them has the common features that I have discovered. At the start of every movie trailer, there is a production company logo and name. This is very important in every trailer because it notifies the audience that the movie was made by this particular company. Each company has its own logo brand and copyright name/logo, as it has been used for many years, on different types of movies. I have also noticed that a company can make and supports a certain type of genre film. There are many different production companies that have been around for many years; 20th Century Fox, Pathà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½, DreamWorks, Universal, Miramax Films, Walts Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers etc. These companies have made so many different films which people would now recognize in a flash, even without looking at the name of the company. This is because the company is so familiar and we see it in everyday life, all around us. After a trailer has shown the production company (which only takes about two to three seconds), the film shows a very brief number of clips/images taken from the movie but only the most exciting moments. These clips and images inform the audience about the genre of the film, it also gives us the some idea of the film, whether its genre is action, comedy, sci-fi, horror, romance etc. The clips show a number of different exciting or interesting moments to try and persuade the audience that this film is a winner. They do this by showing images from all over the movie in swift cuts so that we dont know what we are seeing in a one second clip, but when the whole trailer has ended, the exciting moments remain in our heads. There are swift cuts to help keep the audience entertained and interested in the trailer, so that once the trailer has ended it makes you want to go and see the movie. Some trailers start off slow and build up the impact and some shots lasts longer than others this is t o add more affect to the trailer it all depends on the genre of the movie. Film trailers inform the audience about the genre of the film and also give the audience the idea of the film, plus the opportunity to see what type of film it is. It gives them the idea of the film in the way the trailer is presented. If the movie is an action film, the trailer would be a fast paced one with hard hitting music, which can get your attention in seconds. If the movie is a romantic film, the trailer would have slow and calm type music with slow cuts, but with a longer shot than an action trailer would. These trailers are usually set in the same format. If you want your movie to be a big and a winning movie, you have to have a known actor, actress or director, producer to be part of the film. If a new film was just released with the actors, actress or director, producer that is unknown around the world, the film wouldnt do as well as a film with a known character or cast. A production company knows that a big star in a film they support will make them profit. All stars are unknown at first. They get to the top by either working with a bigger star or by starting in a winning movie. For example, the film Gladiator was an Oscar winning movie all around the world, but the actor who played a main role, Russell Crowe, was unknown before the movie. But because the film was an epic, action-drama, animation movie he is now known. Also the production company of this film was a joint production film also helping to make it a big movie. The main thing that tells you about a movie is the title. The title can informs us what type of genre the movie is. For example, if the title was Galaxy, you would know the movie would have something to do with space and this goes for sci-fi as well. Many people think that, if the title is eye catching the movie will have an impact on them, so all movie titles have to be eye catching and simple. The title would be presented in the way of the genre of the movie. For example, if the movies genre is to do with History, the title could be in a shape of a rock. Or the title could be in a simple text, but the background picture would have something to do with History. Either way the poster of the movie will have something to do with the genre of the movie, weather its the title or the background. In a film trailer, they use music also for impact and to get your attention. The music played would go along with the genre of the film. For example, if the genre was action, a fast paced music will be played. Without music, all trailers wouldnt look interesting and wouldnt have an impact at the audience. Some movies use their own soundtrack to the movie. These soundtracks are songs from the movies (music played in the film), and this is another way to promote the film. For example, Celion Dion sang a song for the film titanic, and in the video to this song, it had motion pictures taken from the film. Some trailers have music in the background, whilst a voiceover in front. Another word for this is called Portentous Voice, which sounds like a warning type voice, which is deep and which can get your attention. The voice informs the audience who made the film, who acted in the film, if it had won any awards, what is the releasing date and the production company that helped make the film. I think this is a better way to present a trailer instead of reading the text yourself, because the voiceover can give more information and is clear to understand. For example, you can watch the screen and listen at the same time, which gives you more to take in. As part of learning about trailers, we analysed twelve different trailers and picked out four which are all different genres. The first trailer I have chosen to write about is Paramounts Mission Impossible 2.Mission Impossible 2 is a sequel to Mission Impossible 1. The title relates to the genre of the movie, action. Like most action trailers, it starts off at a medium pace, and then builds up to a fast pace, with loud music pace music and a voice-over. It has swift cuts in between each frame as the genre is action, and also the movie uses the same soundtrack from the previous movie (Mission Impossible 1), but with a bit of adjustment to it. This time the soundtrack sounds more like rock, while for Mission Impossible 1 it sounded more acoustic. The second trailer I have chosen is X-Men. The production company for this film is 20th Century Fox. The genre of this movie is a mixture of action and sci-fi, and we get an early clue of this in the first few seconds of the trailer when the trailer shows a sci-fi fighting clip. The soundtrack to the film is the same soundtrack used in the cartoon X-Men, but there was no voice-over. At the end of the trailers it showed the release date with the website below it. Also the trailer showed us a slogan that relates to the genre of the movie, We are not we seem? a sci-fi meaning. The third trailer I have chosen is an award winning movie, Gladiator. This film has a joint production company, Universal and DreamWorks, making this film a big movie. The genre of this film is a mixture of action and history. The music in the background is a mixture of people shouting and heroes welcome music. Like most action trailers this too starts off at in a medium pace and then buildings up to fast pace trailer, showing clips in swift cuts. At the end of the trailer, it shows us the website of the movie and its slogan. The trailer also had a voice over explaining that the movie had won an award and was recommended by newspapers. The fourth and final trailers I have chosen is Pokà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½mon, and the production company is Warner Brothers. The genre of the movie is a mixture of action and animation cartoon. It uses its cartoon theme tune for the soundtrack, and as the soundtrack is playing in the background there is a voice-over. We hear the main characters say a few lines, and we also see the release date. The release date is shown at the end of the trailer saying, Coming This Summer, because the cartoon is aimed at children and summer is the time when children have their holiday and so is part of the marketing strategy. The trailers also showed the films website to promote the film. Summary The common feature for all these movie trailers depends on the genre of the movie. If the genre is action, then most action movie trailers will be in the same format. For example, the trailer starts of in a medium pace then ends up being fast, with hard hitting music. If the genre is romance, the format would be different compare to action trailers, but the format would be similar with all romance trailers. For example, the genre of the romance trailer would be slow, calm music in background, love story etc. But there are a few things that all movie trailers share. They all have one of the following; Voice-over, website, release date, music and Production Company. Most of the trailers use music from the movies soundtrack and most use the same soundtrack in the movies and its sequence but edit it like we see in Mission Impossible. This is done to give the audience a new taste to the new movie showing that it isnt the same as the previous film, but better. Overall all trailers try to k eep their message understandable, entertaining and short. Treatment The basic idea of the film is about a fourteen-year-old boy whose rebellious behaviour has him expelled by the headmaster of Shady Glen School. After taking his sister to class one day, the boy sneaks into the basement to set up one last prank before heading back to his dad who is waiting in the car. But there, the boy discovers that the school security consultant has taken a successful Entrepreneur, the headmasters daughter hostage. She is also a Shady Glen student. The boy decides to go back and tell his father, who is a police officer about what is happening, but he too is taken hostage. At this point the mastermind, who is behind the hostage-taking (the leader/boss), orders his men to capture the whole school and to hold them hostage. The father who has been waiting in the car for almost twenty minutes decides to find his son. As the front entrance is closed, he heads through a back entrance. He is then just about to enter the main hall, when he peeks through a small window on the door. To his shock, he sees the whole school, including his children and teachers on their knees with rifles pointing towards them. The father then becomes a hero as he fights the men using his gun as well as everything and anything to fight the men and saves the whole school.

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An Effect On Economic Activities Economics Essay

An Effect On Economic Activities Economics Essay As a increase in general price level and therefore a fall in the value of money inflation is a normal level of prices of goods and services lack of time. inflation is use to to refer to a raise in the price of normal level as a goods and services,it affects some specific goods and services as in commodities inflation its increase journal level of time. the major type of inflation is inflation affecting a common man, because of this create a problem due to inflation. when the supply supply and demand goes out of control ,consumer should change their buying habits for manufacture to short production in 2007 in USA could best illustrate the effects of inflation housing prices demand is increase continuously from 2002 onword,it comes result in a dramatic decrease in demand. Inflation will be clear a major problem in economy if the demand is increases bt supply of goods is constant, because if there is a lot of customer but very few suppliers then supplier can’t do anything, becau se the income is increase but deliver of the goods is constant, in market place the producer would not be able to control the cost of raw material and labor also. if this is happen it result comes with less profit or in some extreme case no profit ,it should come to out of business, the manufacture would not have an incentive to invest in new equipment and lack of technology. Uncertainty force people to withdraw money from the bank and change it into product with bigger lasting value like gold.the inflation causes lead the country lower economic growth, from the year 1950-1960 the average was at 2.00% inflation, between 1960-1970 the average was 7.2%,in 1970-1980 the average was 8.5%.there are lots of monetary measures like credit control, demonetization of currency, issue of new currency, reduction in unnecessary expenditure,increae in taxes, increase in savings ,surplus budgets, public debt. these are the monetary measures. There ae some fiscal measures like,to increase production ,rational wage policy,prie control,rationing.there are so many tyes of economic crises ,in economy there is a inflation affected to Indian economy so when the global food trade systems stop delivering and the meager pay the price,for several years the global trade in tack foods has been heading towards a catastroph CAUSES:- In Indian economy the inflation have been bombarded comment, the causes of inflation is demand for goods, the economy us can make the largest contribution to prosperity and political stability by restoring the helth of the us t,in inflation income is increase bt no supply is increase because of lack of transperncy in inflation.so supplier cant give the satisfaction of goods,so mainly this is called inflation. There are so many factor influencing the inflation,the inflation import raises ,in the inflation rise in the labour cost ,it also effect indiscriminate lending by fund flush banks ,there are co-relation between inflation and gold price,people like marc Faber are habitually on air and cyber waves ,tout the idea that since central banks are inflating money supply. to investment in gold to defend yourself against inflation. we are already known that everybody is thinking the similar things and performing, in the same behavior, rationalizations are but excuse for all types of insanity but even so how strong is the affiliation between gold and inflation anyway hedge against inflation. one can make a commonsense case level that gold is a play against inflation due to partial supply, that is indeed the main basis of the squabble of many people in the financial. but we at fore trader decide to do away with groundless assumption for moment. By collecting the data cross-correlation between oil,gold,and inflation over a 30 years time, starting in 1980,and triumph to our day,the some of people surprising conclusion.

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International economic relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

International economic relations - Essay Example This supports its impressive economic achievements of 198.5% and -176.7% in exports and imports respectively. Previous recession, technology sector slump and disease outbreak lessons enabled it attain low rates of interests, growth in exports to achieve a great real GDP of 3.5% in 2013. Additionally, the government aims to establish a less prone to global cycles in IT products to avoid dangers of global recession. Hong Kong is a free market economy that depends on international transactions. It boosts of a big GDP per capita of 52700 and strong external trading comprising 222.6% in export and 220.9% import GDP in 2013. These are possible through its continuous integration by china mainland that offers the main trading partner. South Korea has managed a credible economic growth integrated with global economies. Its GDP real growth of 2.8%, 54.6% and -50.8% exports and imports stem from close governance, import quotas and industrious labor force. These measures promoted raw material and technology imports, investments and savings (World Fact book of CIA,

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Failures and Triumphs of Ordinary People in Juno Essay

Failures and Triumphs of Ordinary People in Juno - Essay Example The toe-curling awkwardness of the ‘love scene which proceeded this moment is shown without romance, making the audience cringe at the utter recklessness of the teens. The pathetic irony of the sixteen year olds predicament is heightened by the store clerks comment, "Thats a doodle that cant be undone" and the non-reaction of Junos best friend, Leah the cheerleader, who cant seem to get her mind around the situation. Juno seems headed for heartbreak, as she mechanically attempts to deal with her pregnancy by calling the local abortion clinic, as her friends have done. Her boyfriend Bleeker (Michael Cera) though sensitive, avoids involvement with the "whatever you want to do is fine with me" line, despite Junos dramatic efforts to tell him that their fling has had lasting consequences. He is able to continue his typical high school life, running with the track team and even lining up a prom date in view of Junos unsuitability. This harsh realism stands in stark contrast with the classic teen love scene with soft lighting, spinning cameras, and music. This is the hard reality which sexually active teens experience, and Juno takes it head-on, with a surprising sense of humor which makes you admire the little sparkplug Juno who wont be undone by her one immature act. Before her ex-military dad (JK Simmons) and distant step mom Bren (Allison Janney) are apprised of her crisis, Juno finds herself approaching alone the retro "Women Now" abortion clinic, where she encounters a timid teenager chanting, "Babies want to be borned". The two girls, who are classmates, recognize each other and a start to chat about school, however, as Juno continues on to the entrance of the clinic, the girl suddenly remembers why she is there, and frantically reminds her, "Your baby has a heartbeat and fingernails now."

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Tennessee Williams Essay -- essays research papers

Tennessee Williams   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Tennessee Williams was born Thomas Lanier Williams on March 26, 1911 in Columbus, Mississippi. As a child, he lived with his mother and grandfather. When he was fourteen, Williams too first place in an essay contest sponsored by a national magazine, The Smart Set. At the age of seventeen, his first published story appeared in the August 1928 issue of Weird Tales. A year later Williams entered the University of Missouri but in 1932 he withdrew and took a job at the shoe factory where his father held a job as a sales manager. In 1935 Williams returned to college and graduated from the University of Iowa in 1938. Williams had begun writing plays while attending the University of Missouri and after his graduation he had supported himself doing a variety of small jobs. In 1939 he won a national drama award for a group of plays called American Blues. Williams achieved his first great stage success with The Glass Menagerie, which was produced in New York City in 1945. This play won the New York Drama Critics' Circle Prize as the years best play. Williams averaged two plays a year since that time. On February 4, 1983, Tennessee Williams died in New York City. Throughout Williams' lifetime he has put forth more than twenty- five full-length plays, more than forty short plays, a dozen produced (and unproduced) screenplays and an opera libretto. These have been translated into at least twenty-seven languages, including Tamil, Welsh, Ma...

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Scenario of the Internal Community:

A leadership marked by both personal integrity and value-driven vision, it is needless to argue, belongs to one of the most fundamental aspects of a truly effective organization. And as the new principal of a K-6 elementary school, whose composition consists in 450 students, 24 teachers, 15 office personnel and 1 custodian, I would do my best to build a legacy of strong leadership, vision and integrity. To my view, the challenges which the school currently faces all take cue from effective leadership, or its unfortunate lack thereof. If I may correctly surmise, teachers resort to â€Å"power cliques† only when circumstances make room for it; i. e. , when they feel that they can fill up the power vacuum stemming from a system’s the lack of able headship. Just the same, an educational institution begins to suffer from unfriendly atmosphere when a sensible lack of checks and balances within the system is tolerated. Change is therefore a key benchmark at the onset of my assumption of duties. But before making any administrative decision, I shall first circumscribe the nature and scope of the problems at hand, by paying close attention to the concerns of parents, teachers and other members of the community. Come August 1, I shall waste no time in gathering as much pertinent information as possible to figure what is wrong. After briefly introducing myself to the teachers and community, I shall initiate a campus-wide survey that would enable all stakeholders to vent their take on the current school system. The results shall become objects of inquiry during the brainstorming and deliberation of the school’s working vision – an activity which shall be participated in by the entire school’s staff, and shall be held a week before the school year formally commences. During the meeting, I shall be employing a â€Å"non-directive† or â€Å"democratic† approach to the affairs of the deliberation periods. I would empower my staff to brainstorm and deliberate among themselves – under my guidance – the practices that need serious alteration, if only we can work for the greater good of the struggling school community. In this approach, I am borrowing the idea propounded by Jonathan Rix and Kathy Simmons: effective learning institutions, they contend, needs â€Å"to alter† prevalent cultures so as to realign its vision towards maximal learning (2004, p. 67). By August 25, my mission is to communicate the new vision of the institution – collectively discerned, as they were, by the entire school administration and staff – to the parents and custodians concerned and, surely, to the students. On top of such vision, I would also propose the idea of frequent classroom visitations, as well as thorough reviews of all extant instructional objects and learning materials. And since I find inclusivity and involvement as necessary factors for effective learning communities, I shall propose to set convenient but â€Å"non-compromise-able† dates for regular updating, participated in by administrators, parents, students, as well as by some representatives from community organizations. Furthermore, I shall communicate to them the telling importance of mid-year evaluations, by way of school surveys, so as to rectify the seeming lack of checks and balances which the school once suffered from. The rest of the year shall be dedicated to a relentless effort in bringing about concrete fruition to the goals of the institution which has been set for the year. Goal-redefinition, if necessitated, can be accommodated during the mid-year. Critical to this continuing effort is my goal to meet all teachers and staff individually during the year. Personally, I would like to work on concepts that find their concrete correlation with reality. The effort is, obviously, onerous on my part. But I am a firm believe that no great things can be achieved overnight. If I want my educational organization to succeed, I have to undergo the painstaking process of brainstorming and implementing goals, as well as leveling honest reviews in respect its relative success, or lack of it. Running a school entails the continued appreciation of the systems that work, a courage to change what does not work, and the wisdom to know the difference between them.

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Essay on How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization

Roles of the Catholic Church in Western civilization has been scrambled with the times past and development of Western society. Regardless of the fact that the West is no longer entirely Catholic, the Catholic tradition is still strong in Western countries. The church has been a very important foundation of public facilities like schooling, Western art, culture and philosophy; and influential player in religion. In many ways it has wanted to have an impact on Western approaches to pros and cons in numerous areas. It has over many periods of time, spread the teachings of Jesus within the Western World and remains a foundation of continuousness connecting recent Western culture to old Western culture.- During the Great Jubilee year, John†¦show more content†¦The Popes request for forgiveness applied to the Church understood in this second sense. That idealistic apology is a faultless structure for the author’s fine explanation of the several ways in which the Catholic belief formed what we call Western Civilization. The author establishes that the West is progressively more spread throughout the world as the product of Catholicism and believing Catholics. In the present day, there are increasing signs that the Europe defined by the author which established out of brutal communities mainly by English and Irish monks, was continued by Benedictine religious foundation in the early millennium, succeeded into what we know as Christendom in the beginning of the second millennium, and move into a gradual 500 year succession resulting the great crack-up of European Christian agreement starting in 1517 now looked like it was headed for elimination due to demographic inflexib ility, Islamic immigration, and a lot of apostasy from Christ and his Church. In the possibility, of the Churchs role in the coming generations will be to improve this culture outside of Europe, most importantly in Africa and Asia, the site of current rapid growth. The author states, In our media and standard culture, little is forbidden when it comes to imitating the Church. Students, to the extent that they know anything at all about the CatholicShow MoreRelatedWhy Do We Own The Catholic Church For Built The Western Civilization?1023 Words   |  5 PagesWhy do we own the Catholic Church for built the Western Civilization? Thomas E. Woods, Jr. stated in How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization; that â€Å"The church, in fact, built Western civilization†(1). Rather than presenting a story of the Church s history, Woods chooses a topical approach, but he does so focusing on the history of the Church before the understanding and the writings of Gibbon. He covers the Church s very important role in the conversion of the dangerous, wild people;Read MoreChhi 301 Papacy Paper1697 Words   |  7 PagesRAMIFICATIONS OF THE PAPACY’S POWER IN ROME Church History 301 April 20, 2014    Ramifications of the Papacy’s Power in Rome The papacy – the office held by the pope as head of the Catholic Church - gained great power from the sixth through eighth centuries, and there are several reasons for this surge in influence. Starting around 590, Pope Gregory I sought to convert Teutonic invaders to Christianity. Islam was also in play, as it had taken over most of Asia and Africa. According toRead MoreThe Lost Truth : The Western Civilization2828 Words   |  12 PagesThe Lost Truth: The Western Civilization was built by the Catholic Church It is not unusual for an average American to possess a negative view on the Catholic Church. Indeed, historians find it difficult to convince most people that the Catholic Church did not give rise to the cultural and intellectual retrogression experienced during the Middle Ages. Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr. wrote a book called â€Å"How the Catholic Church built Western Civilization† to demonstrate that the Church’s contributionsRead More The Roman Empire and Its Influence on Western Civilization Essay1489 Words   |  6 PagesThe Roman Empire and Its Influence on Western Civilization   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Romes vast empire lasted for an amazing one thousand-year reign. Half of it referred to as the republic, and the other as the empire. However, after its fall in 5oo-a.d. Rome has still remained in existence through its strong culture, architecture, literature, and even religion (Spielvogel 175). Even after its disappearance as a nation Rome left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. Its ideals and traditions have been immolatedRead MoreThe Common Themes Of Environmental Effects On Religion1565 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout the history of many civilizations, certain characteristics have presented themselves and many of which have been recognized as a commonality in several societies. These frequently seen patterns in history provide important insights to the functions and behaviors of ancient civilizations. There are many commonalities that are existent in many civilizations, but three clearly emerge, as they are fundamental to many societies’ cul tures. The common themes of environmental effects on religionRead MoreThe Creation of Rome1288 Words   |  5 PagesRome had conquered the areas to the east and west and was considered to be the master of the Mediterranean Sea. Rome’s empire was built on religion and law. Both were held in high regard and controlled many of the decisions made in the Roman culture. Rituals taught the people how to appease their gods and were a focal point of the Roman religion. Monuments were built and celebrations were common in Rome all of which were in place to appease the gods. Roman law was one of the most impressive thingsRead MoreRome and Its Lasting Impression on the World1538 Words   |  7 PagesThe Roman Empire and Its Influence on Western Civilization Rome s vast empire lasted for an amazing one thousand-year reign. Half of it referred to as the republic, and the other as the empire. However, after its fall in 5oo-a.d. Rome has still remained in existence through its strong culture, architecture, literature, and even religion (Spielvogel 175). Even after its disappearance as a nation Rome left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. Its ideals and traditions have been immolatedRead MoreAncient Greece And Roman Civilizations790 Words   |  4 Pagespractice beliefs and traditions that would lead to the development of advanced civilizations. It started as the Greeks beliefs which would help develop the Roman society, which would later lead to contributing to the development of the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines would help influence Europe during the Middle Ages, and Europe’s ideas and practices would lead to helping and impacting the modern western civilization with their ideas and beliefs. The Greeks showed in fluence by believing the peopleRead MoreThe Impact of the New England Puritans and the Chesapeake Catholics on the Development of Colonial Society1144 Words   |  5 Pagesbeliefs and religion. The New England Puritans and the Chesapeake Catholics are prime examples to show how religion shaped the development of a colonial society. In 1624, the early 17th century, the religious group called the Puritans, settled for the first time in the New England territory. Once there, they chose to inhabit the Massachusetts area. The Puritans were a varied group of religious reformers who emerged within the Church of England during the middle of the sixteenth century, but didn’tRead MoreChap 15: Europe Transformed- Reform and State Building1520 Words   |  7 Pages 1. Martin Luther- defended the monk against heresy and set the stage for a serious challenge to the authority of the Catholic Church, in which by no means was the first crisis in churchs 1500 year history. 2. 14th century- severe economic reversals and social upheavals 3. 15th century- Renaissance: a revival of arts and letters 4. 16th century- Reformation: religious renaissance 5. Absolutism (absolute monarchy)- most evident during the reign of Louis XVI 6. 17th century - absolute